Máy EuTronic® GAP 3511 DC Synergic

Máy EuTronic® GAP 3511 DC Synergic

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Máy EuTronic® GAP 3511 DC Synergic



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The choice for automated and manual applications

The Eutronic® GAP 3511 DC Synergic is ideal for welding applications that require precision and high deposit quality. The welding unit is available with various features. A user friendly 8,4“ touch screen control panel with a user-friendly interface allows the operator a simplified and even faster preselection of the welding parameters with welder gloves.

The EuTronic® GAP 3511 DC Synergic has been designed for integrations in automated process and manual operation. Newly added functions like synergic mode or impulse welding allows for even more precise control of the welding process. All the settings are displayed on the touch screen and up to 1000 memory locations are available for saving the welding parameters.

The extremely powerful inverter delivers 10 ÷ 350A which is sufficient for almost all powder applications. Various optional features are available for the EuTronic® GAP 3511 DC Synergic such as fully electonic gas control, second motor control card to operate a second powder feeder and an extended automation interface for a fully integration in an automated process.

Technical data: 
Mains voltage 3x 400V+N ±10%
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse 32 A
Max. power consumption 18 kVA
RMS value of the largest main current 20 A
Cos phi 0.99
Protection class IP 21 S
Open Circuit Voltage – main inverter 80V DC
Open Circuit Voltage – pilot inverter 100V DC
Max. welding current (100% duty-cycle) 160 A
Max. welding current (60% duty-cycle) 200 A
Max. welding current (35% duty-cycle) 250 A
Max. pilot current (100% duty-cycle) 30 A
Adjustment range for plasma welding 2 ÷ 250 A
Adjustment range for TIG, MMA welding 5 ÷ 200 A
Adjustment range of the pilot current 0.5 ÷ 50 A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 815 x 445 x 635 mm
Weight 70 kg

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