Máy PTA EuTronic® GAP 2501 DC

Máy PTA EuTronic® GAP 2501 DC

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Máy PTA EuTronic® GAP 2501 DC


Ðịa chỉ: 1A184 Ấp 1, đường Vĩnh Lộc, xã Phạm Văn Hai, huyện Bình Chánh, TPHCM
Ðiện Thoại: (028) 3816 0800/0801/0802
Email: metalgroup.com.vn


Mô tả

For joining, coating and brazing
  • Plasma welding, TIG welding, MMA welding
  • For joining, coating and brazing
  • Synergic lines available
  • User friendly touch screen control panel
  • Spot/Impulse welding mode
  • Versatile and flexible due to the modular construction


  • Repairs on tool steels, rebuilding of cutting edges, forging, stamping dies, aluminium die casting moulds
  • Repairs on cast iron, glass moulds
  • Feeding screws repairs
  • Hard-facing on drilling tools, valve seats and valves, mining machinery, milling tools
Technical data: 
Supply voltage 3x 400V ±10%, 3x 460V ±5%
Supply frequency 50/60 Hz
Supply fuse 32 A
Max. power consumption 20 kVA
Maximum rated value of the power supply current 32 A
Effective value of the maximum power supply current 25 A
Cos phi 0.99
Max. welding current (35% ED) 350 A
Max. welding current (60% ED) 280 A
Max. welding current (100% ED) 250 A
Pilot current (100% ED) 30 A
Amperage range for plasma and TIG welding 10 A ÷ 350 A
Amperage range for electrode welding 10 A ÷ 280 A
Amperage range for pilot current 2 A ÷ 50 A
Open Circuit Voltage – pilot inverter 95 V DC
Open Circuit Voltage – main inverter 95 V DC
Dimensions (L x W x H) 815 x 445 x 635 mm
Weight 105 kg

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